Fond graphique Awax Design


I create for you, a design that is both aesthetic and relevant, allowing you to raise awareness and convey a strong image to your customers.


One of the major communication assets for companies is to present an adapted visual identity. By being clear and consistent, the visual identity allows a better reading and understanding for customers and future customers by conveying the company's values. 


The success of a company's communication also depends on the production of paper supports. My objective is to offer you creative and relevant support while respecting

your visual identity.


The realization of illustrations and drawings is a service that I offer you in manual version or using professional software according to your request.


The Internet is an essential communication tool. I therefore propose you to create the visual part of your site in order to make it attractive, creative and aesthetic while responding to the values of your company 

Fond graphique clair Awax Design


"When graphics come to life"


Motion design is a sumptuous blend of graphics, animation, sound design and special effects. This is a very good communication tool allowing you to promote your values or products in a fun and relevant way !

service photo


Benefit from a tailor-made photo service. An added value for your company,

your products or any other project requiring enhancement through professional images.

le déroulement d'un projet


Fond graphique Awax Design

1 - Prise de contact

5 - Correction

2 - Échange du brief

6 - Remise du projet

3 - Maquette et conception

7 - Client satisfait !

4 - Présentation

8 - Awax satisfait !

La partie tarifs et devis

After carefully studying your expectations, as well as the time required to complete your project, I draw up a tailor-made estimate, explaining in detail the nature of the cost of each service.


In order to be able to draw up an estimate in the best conditions, it is imperative that a specifications/ brief be sent to me.

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